Sell Your Business

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At GLOBAL BUSINESS BROKERS SA we endeavor to make the process of selling your business simple and convenient by meeting with you on site or off-site.

Our Services

  • We collate all the relevant information on your behalf to successfully list your Business.
  • We then market your business by utilizing our sophisticated advertising regime.
  • We have an enormous data base of clientele who have enquired about our numerous franchises and businesses for sale.
  • We also have a vast amount of contacts and connections that can swiftly provide a platform for introducing your business to the right buyers.
  • We ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality with regard to the transaction.
  • We carefully vet all potential buyers prior to presenting them to you.
  • We weed out the so-called "tire kickers" from serious buyers with sufficient financial resources who are well-suited to run a business like yours.
  • We will also ensure that news of the sale remains confidential, in order to ensure that loyal customers, staff, vendors and suppliers only find out about the sale when you're ready to let them know.
  • With regard to administrative issues, as experienced business brokers we know what the legal requirements are, and what paperwork is necessary.
  • We also coordinate between lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance agents and landlords.

In Short

We will protect your investment by placing the proper value on your business, finding the right buyer, getting you the best price possible, protecting the confidentiality of the sale, handling all negotiations, ensuring that all transactions are legal, and seeing that the transition to new ownership is as wrinkle-free as possible.

Contact Us

Call for assistance: 011 615 3413 / 081 762 1840