The process


  1. Search for the business that interests you. Location, price and profit should guide you. Remember, our business brokers are ready to assist and advise you.
  2. Complete a Non Disclosure Agreement. The information about the businesses we sell is confidential
  3. Our business brokers will respond to your enquiry and furnish you with the details about the business/ businesses you are interested in.
  4. We will accompany you to view the business and introduce you to the owner.
  5. Once you have decided to purchase the business, our business brokers will assist you with the negotiations. We will draw up a Sale agreement and submit it to the Seller on your behalf.
  6. The Sale Agreement will encompass all the terms and conditions relevant to the sale; For example
    • The undertaking of a due diligence to verify the financial information
    • We will assist where relevant in obtaining finance
    • We will introduce you to the landlord and assist you in obtaining a lease agreement.
  7. We will help arrange a stock – take if relevant.
  8. Finally we will ensure that payment is made directly to the Seller on or before the take-over date.


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